Whalen Law offers professional, enthusiastic, and discrete counsel as its clients navigate various legal terrain.

Property Transactions

If you are purchasing or selling property or seeking to raise financing on property you already own, the Team at Whalen Law can help!  Offering over 30 years of accumulated experience, Whalen Law offers a personal approach to having your transaction completed and ensuring your interests are met.

Wills & Estates

Planning for the future can be difficult: Who will care for my dependants?   What will happen to my home?   What if I become incapacitated?  Who will make decisions on my behalf?   These are just a few questions that may arise when considering your plans.  Whalen Law appreciates the sensitive nature of these matters and desires to offer assistance and counsel as you navigate through them.

Civil Litigation 

Litigation involves the advancement of a claim or defence through the law courts.  Within our society people and entities regulate their relationships and interactions in a variety of ways.  Whether through marriage, contract, agreement, historical practice and custom.  When a relationship breaks down, a party may be wronged.  Depending on the nature of the wrong, a party may be entitled to relief through the courts.  Moving one’s matter through this environment can be difficult.  Whalen Law provides insightful guidance and maintains a litigation practice that can benefit a client forced to advance a claim through Court.

Personal Injury

If an individual is injured in a motor vehicle accident, a falling accident, or in another manner, they may be rightfully entitled to recover financially as a result of their loss. Whalen Law has an extensive personal injury practice and is committed to assisting you with your legal rights and obligations as you begin your path to recovery.  You should contact our office as soon as possible after your accident.

Company Law

Whalen Law provides a range of corporate/business law services including: incorporations; asset/share purchases or sales; as well as assisting with financing and other business development pursuits.

Criminal Defence

(Criminal Code and Provincial Offences): Criminal law involves the substantive law, legal rules, and principles wherein the government may seek to detain or arrest, investigate and/or prosecute an accused.  The resources of the government are unmatched in comparison to an individual who finds themselves either under investigation or facing criminal allegations.   This is one of the reasons why s. 10(B) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees an individual’s right to seek and obtain legal counsel upon detention or arrest.  The complexity of the legal fabric within this area of law is intimidating.  Whalen Law offers its clients guidance and advice based upon experience within the criminal courts, focused on an unwavering protection of your legal interests.

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